About me

Hi, I am Aline.

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to take care of the environment. I graduated in Product design, because I wanted to combine two passions: eco-design and education. I believe in having utopias to follow, like blueprints, living them. Doing the best we can with what we know, and doing better while striving to know better.

The most beautiful, and most effective way to learn, is through connecting with each other, and collaborating. We, humans, are makers of meaning. We are storytellers, in everything we do. Service design is a powerful way to mediate these stories, which can connect us in meaningful ways. I want to help rewrite the way we, humans, interact with each other, and with nature. Beyond working with nature or for nature, working as nature.

Sustainability is an interesting starting point, but it is outdated, as it concerns using resources without over-depleting the sources. I don’t think we want to sustain the current way of doing things. We want to be part of the solution. And that means to not only do less harm but to regenerate. I know that sounds ambitious, but nature has all the technology to inspire us. I believe in going from human-centered design, to earth-centered design; nature-centered design. Nature is circular, and so are we. Because, as it turns out, we are nature.

I have been working in roles which combine project management and product management, for the past 5 years. In start ups, and in large companies. What I consistently did, wherever I worked, was to start conversations and promote changes in the way we interacted with each other as teams, as well as rethinking and minimizing the environmental impact we had as organizations.

Agile, systems thinking, circular economy, and, more recently for me, permaculture principles, are some of the methodologies I use to facilitate these conversations, these new stories we build together. More collaborative, circular, earth-centred. “The story creates the system, the system creates the story (Charles Eisenstein)”.

Published by Aline Silva

I am fascinated by the role design has in mediating our stories, interactions, and systems. I help you and your business be part of the new story: circular, regenerative economy.

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